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This peer-reviewed journal is intended to provide a forum for discussion and a place to publish research, suggestions for best practices for working with specific populations, and advice and wisdom on how to make yoga service both effective and sustainable. To inspire and educate, research, stories from the field and lessons learned are presented.

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Spring 2013 Vol 1, No 1

The inaugural issue of the Journal of Yoga Service includes reflections on happiness and culture, articles on the school to prison pipeline, self-care, promoting resilience, yoga in schools, yoga for female inmates, research on trauma informed yoga and more.

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Winter 2013/14 Vol 1, No 2

The second issue of the Journal of Yoga Service offers a very useful article on Do-It-Yourself Research, articles on yoga within a homeless shelter and a middle school, wisdom on bringing yoga to veterans, an overview of the second Yoga Service Conference, and more.


Photo taken at the 2014 Yoga Service Conference courtesy of the Omega Institute