Tiffany Voltz - Secretary

Tiffany Voltz (she/her) a board member of Yoga Service Council, spent the last 22 years as an HR/People Operations executive in the Chicago technology community, making inclusion, belonging, vulnerability, and compassion core competencies of the organizations she worked with.

A lifelong learner of the human spirit, Tiffany is a certified life coach and health coach, and founder of Wellness from Within Coaching, where she empowers women to listen to their innate wisdom and coaches them to create the necessary habits to live a life of health, wellness, and purpose. She is also a certified Mindset and Meditation teacher and is currently pursuing graduate studies in clinical mental health counseling where she will continue to holistically help people identify and embrace their true, authentic selves and lead lives of beauty, self-kindness, resilience, and intent.

In addition to her board role with the Yoga Service Council, Tiffany is a certified domestic violence support advocate and serves on the boards of Embolden & Co as Membership Chair and the Evanston School Children’s Clothing Association (ESCCA) as Digital Communications Chair. Along with being a mom and a wife, her greatest roles, she is a singer-songwriter and creates music to express and connect with others from the soul out. Tiffany also finds reasons to enjoy chocolate, dancing, and nature as often as she can.

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Tiffany Voltz