Leslee Trzcinski was one of the top professional cyclists in the world — medaling several times in the world championships and narrowly missing the Olympic team. She was elected to the US Olympic Committee serving many years many times taking non-popular positions to advocating for and advancing the rights of athletes (boycotting, sexual abuse cases, team selection disputes, drug testing, etc.)

She was featured in a CLIO-winning Nike commercial alongside Bo Jackson, Michael Jordan and other global sports figures. Upon retirement from professional sports, Leslee spent two decades in corporate marketing and strategic branding working with both Fortune 100 companies and small start-up not-for-profits, helping establish brand relevance and customer relationship success.

Now, as a full-time, certified yoga coach in her hometown of Rochester, NY, Leslee works with clients and organizations making her alignment yoga accessible to a range of body types, backgrounds, ages and abilities. With her company TUNE Yoga & Training (www.tuneyoga.com), Leslee spreads her time working with professional and amateur sports teams, individual athletes, corporate clients, inner city school programs and rural communities.

She is part of the Wegman’s Food Markets corporate yoga program, which offers yoga to all employees despite financial means and health restrictions. She is also an advisor and teacher trainer for the Yoga 4A Good Hood, and offers movement and nutrition advice to the Rochester City School District.