Book Purchases

Books are not returnable.
Books may be resold at the official retail price or lower, but not higher.
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Live Webinar Registrations

Each access line purchased by a registrant is valid for one (1) computer and one (1) telephone line to access the live webinar. Registrants may gather as a group to watch the webinar together from one access line. Registrants may purchase multiple lines to accommodate team members who wish to access the live webinar from multiple locations for an additional fee.

No cancellations. This webinar is non-refundable; however, in the event that a registrant cannot attend, a credit can be applied to another webinar.

Please share the webinar resources with your colleagues. All webinar resources and handouts may be shared with colleagues of the registrant. However, registrants may not share the webinar login information with anyone other than the individual or team responsible for connecting registrant to the live webinar.