About the Journal of Yoga Service

The Journal of Yoga Service is a twice-yearly, peer-reviewed journal. The mission of the Journal of Yoga Service is to help build a professional community for members and organizations bringing yoga to underserved and vulnerable populations and to provide a forum for discussion, sharing of educational information, inspiration, and peer support.

Manuscript Submissions

Submissions are reviewed on a rolling basis and can be sent at any time.

We seek submissions on the following topics:

  • Best practices in working with specific populations. Best practices are methods and techniques that have been shown to be effective. Sharing of knowledge and discussion are encouraged.
  • Moving from inspired to effective: sharing of information on creating and maintaining sustainable yoga service programs, including lessons learned at grassroots level and lessons learned from similar fields.
  • Perspectives and opinions relating to the field of yoga service.
  • Organizational management issues relevant to the community.
  • Research articles, including original research, pilot studies, preliminary results, and research review articles. Research articles should include references and be presented as abstract, methods, results, conclusions/discussions.
  • Case reports that illustrate the knowledge and skills in yoga service and which can serve as examples to inspire and educate.
  • Populations of particular interest to the community include, but are not limited to, schools, military and veterans, trauma-stressed communities, homeless, those in addiction and substance-use recovery, domestic violence survivors, incarcerated and at-risk youth and adults.
  • Media reviews of topics related to yoga service.
  • Graduates of relevant training programs may write reports on their experience with a view to helping members decide which trainings will best support their personal and professional needs.

How to submit a manuscript

Manuscripts should be sent in a Word document, Calibri size 11, line spacing 1.15 and formatted in the American Psychological Association style (please visit www.apastyle.org for detailed information on APA-style formatting).

Word length will vary depending on the type of article. Original research may be up to 4,500 words. Articles on best practices and yoga programs may be up to 4,000 words. Case reports, perspectives, management and organizational articles, and training reports may be up to 3,500 words. Photographs, figures, graphs, and illustrations are welcome; please check with the editor before submission.

You are invited to include a suggestion for one or more peer-reviewers of your article, particularly if specialized knowledge is required for the peer-review process.

Please send manuscripts by email to Kelly Birch, editor of the Journal of Yoga Service, at kellymbirch@gmail.com. You are welcome to email the editor for more information or to discuss potential submissions and/or provide an outline for potential submission.

After being accepted for publication, articles will go through the editorial process, during which some revision is usually necessary. Articles will then be edited and copyedited for clarity and adherence to the Journal of Yoga Service style.

Please send us a note with your article ideas:

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