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Yoga Service Council & The Pledge for Universally Inclusive Yoga



The Yoga Service Council has always worked to make yoga accessible to every person. In October, 2017 nearly two dozen dedicated yogis, writers, social workers, doctors, and community leaders came together to help collect and share best practices in the field of yoga for people who have experienced sexual violence.

This dedicated work has blossomed into a movement and expanded to include a Pledge that yoga studios make to ensure their yoga is as universally accessible as possible, so that everyone can practice, breathe, and find themselves.

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Program Status

Autumn 2017

  • Initial symposium and gathering held at Omega
  • Raw material collected
  • Executive summary produced
  • Initial discussions around The Pledge

Winter 2018

  • The Pledge created
  • Collaborated with select yoga studios
  • Webinar convened on March 27th
  • Interviews with studio champions
  • Community Resource Paper developed

Spring and Summer 2018

  • Rolled out The Pledge Toolkit
  • Kick off of Indiegogo fundraiser
  • Published Community Resource Paper

Fall 2018

  • Second Sexual Trauma Symposium hosted at the Omega Institute
  • Raw material and data collected
  • Research and writing for the book

Spring and Summer 2019

  • Best Practices for Yoga with Survivors of Sexual Trauma Book Release
  • Yoga Service Conference Break-Out Session
  • Develop online course and curriculum

Summer 2020

  • Best Practices for Yoga with Survivors of Sexual Trauma Book renamed as Yoga and Resilience.
  • Book copies publically available via Handspring Publishing and Amazon
  • Expansion of The Pledge in yoga studios across the U.S.


  • Launch 4-week course: Overcoming Sexual Trauma through Strength, Breath and Yoga
  • Expansion of The Pledge in yoga studios across the U.S.
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If you are a studio owner or manager, yoga teacher, interested yoga student, or if you want to support or contribute to The Pledge Movement in any way, click here.

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