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Yoga and Resilience cannot exist without one another.

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As the world changes around us at a greater speed than ever before, with variables that are completely and utterly new, building, and truly understanding what resilience is, is more important than ever. 


The practices of yoga are vast, deep, and ancient, and the development of resilience is a natural cohort.


Yoga Service Council’s Yoga and Resilience Series brings together powerful resources from national and international experts on building strength in the community and provide purposeful guidance to overcome adversity. 



What can you expect?

Over the next few months the Yoga and Resilience Series will include:

  • Video Conversations with individuals in the #Blacklivesmatter movement to address systemic issues, required changes and perspectives on our next ten years of racial justice and equity.
  • Interviews with leading experts in the field of trauma-informed yoga and building resilience across subjects such as addiction, recovery, mental health and more
  • Research and data on the impact of yogic practices to emotional wellness and mental agility.
  • Examining as a community, the 7 C’s of Resilience and their embodiment and exploring emotional resilience as a key skillset.
  • Learning more through key publications from authors such as Dr. Gail Parker as well as YSC’s upcoming Best Practices Book: Yoga and Resilience + Overcoming Sexual Trauma webinar in September 2020.
  • Powerful and updated Q&A addressing your questions and more…
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“I think in yoga we practice falling off-balance, falling down, falling out of a pose, and the practice of resilience is about being kind and encouraging to ourselves. And when things go wrong, or when we fail, or when we fall–to practice getting back up again. I think that is what resilience is to me, and I think we practice it a lot on the mat and hopefully that prepares us for the falls and failings that we have in real life.”
-Lynne Boucher, YSC Board Chair


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